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We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts...Its was such a precious gift to see our baby before he's even born... we can't stop thinking about him... It was a great experience!! I recommend Peek A Baby to everyone. See you in a few more weeks...
-Lluvy from Americas Next Top Model, Modesto
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By far the most exciting day of our lives! This technology is absolutely amazing and the people at Peek A Baby make it even more amazing. The staff is friendly, warm, and anxious to get you great shots. My entire family came and the ones that couldn't come can watch it online. They have a cool service that allows you to share your ultrasound online with family anywhere in the world. The office is very clean and very roomy. We had 10 people and we were more than comfy. Their prices are by far the best. I looked all over and nobody comes close to the prices at Peek A Baby. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PEEK A BABY! Thanks again you guys are the best!
-Leslie G., Modesto

I would like to thank you for the services you offered to me! I came in twice for the gender check and then for the Mini Peek. My pride and joy was born 3/4/2010 and she looks just like my 3D photos. If I have another baby I will be sure to go back to you guys!
-Natasha S., Modesto

So happy to see our little boy this morning thanks sooo much!
-Janelle L., Modesto

I had a great experience at peek-a-baby, there so nice and try there hardest to get the best pictures of your baby..when I came in my son was being very stubborn and would not move his hand away from his face but I still got some very good and memorable pictures! I will recommend peek a baby to everyone I know who is expecting!!!!
-Taylor P., Ceres

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It was absolutely amazing how clear you can see the baby. I really appreciated the staff being so patient with us. The service is A+ and so is the staff! The ultrasound room is large and very comfortable. I highly recommend Peek A baby."
-Jamie Spears, San Leandro

This has to be one of the greatest medical inventions. I could not believe how good we could see our baby. It's incredible. The office is very nice and the staff here is wonderful. We really enjoyed being able to have our family come with us. I HIGHLY recommend Peek A Baby to everyone. Thank you.
-Jasmine J., Orange County

Peek a baby is great I would recommend to everyone to go here! I had a stubborn baby today who did not want to show her face and did everything she could to cover it but they ended up getting some good pics we had to go and come back but great customer service I loved it! Love the video and pics!
-Kaylyn G., Bay Point

I just wanted to say Thanks I had a viewing of my baby boy on Friday and I got the best pictures of him and a great DVD you guys were so nice and made sure there was a relaxing enviornment and the price was just right and so worth it I will be recommending all my pregnant friends to you THANKS ONCE AGAIN
-Maria R., Turlock

I'm trying to get my SIL to come in..she should be good for some great pics right now was by far the Best Experience I had and now my lil ethan is 3mths old :) cant believe its been that long already! Thank you for such Great Service :)
-Nicole I., Modesto

Peek A Baby took my daughter in as a "walk in" appt after we missed her appt at another office. Their office was pretty busy but we had told them we had drove from Merced and missed our appt elsewhere so they said they would could squeeze us in. We were very greatful and completely satisfied with the quality and service we were given. They did not have to see us but they did and they were very nice about it. We have recommended Peek A Baby to all of our friends and family and we recommend them to you too!

Had an awesome session at Peek A baby this evening. Little cole cooperated way better than Crio did. We got 74 pics in our 20 minute session. Thanks for everything Peek A Baby. :)
-Anna J., Escalon

This was such a great experience. I love Peek A Baby Thank you Thank you!
-Cari, Oakland

My son is 7 weeks old and when i look back at his 3d pictures taken at peek a baby i can tell it's him. it brings me back 2 that day i saw his face 4 the 1st time, so awesome. i'm coming back if i ever get pregnant again!
-Christina F., Stockton

Thank you so much for all the pics. They were great!
-Heather L., Ripon

I had such a great time seeing my grandson in 3D. The technology is so amazing. Wish this was around when I was having babies :) You guys do great work...everyone in the office is wonderful. Thank you again.
-Rose, Fresno

Hello, I just wanted to write to thank you guys for making my first visit to Peek A Baby great! Sue treated me and my family very nice. I would recommend your service to anyone. I hope to be back later in my pregnancy for more pictures! Thanks again Sue.
-Chris S., San Andreas

This experience was very exciting. It's absolutely amazing at how clear the images are. Your office is warm, cozy, and very clean. Thank you for being so patient with us and our baby. We will definitely be back in 6 weeks for a second peek.
-Pam and Steve M., Modesto

What an amazing time we had with you guys. We really want to thank the sonographer for making it such a memorable and fun time. We recommend Peek A Baby to everyone who is prego lol. the pictures and DVD are so clear it's absolutely amazing. We definitely will be back with the next baby. You guys are the best.
-Carla and Phil, Stockton

It was an experience I will NEVER forget!
-Beth M., Modesto

My husband and I want to tell everyone expecting that Peek A Baby is awesome. This is our third baby and we've been to two other places for 3D Ultrasound before coming to Peek A Baby and neither of them even compared to the experience we had here. The staff was professional, warm, and very family friendly. Our bundle of joy was not very cooperative, but the sonographer took her time and made sure she got us awesome pictures.
-Jennifer M., San Jose

Thank you so much for everything. We went to the other place in Modesto and they couldn't get any pictures for us. Thank you for not letting us down. We love the DVD and pictures. God bless.
-Linda, Modesto

What an amazing experience. It was totally worth the drive down to you guys. Thank you again for an awesome experience we will never forget.
-Janie & Tom W., Fresno

Just wanted to thank you all for the experience. It was a wonderful feeling to get to have that peek at Annabelle before she arrives. Thanks again.
-Ashley, Elk Grove

-Jessica, Strawberry

This was a wonderful experience i wanna thank the nice people who work at peek a baby they were very nice and patient and they took very good shots of our little baby boy thank you and god bless love Anna
-Anna, Stockton

This experience was amazing! I loved it.. Peek a Baby gave my husband and I another wonderful memory to share with our baby when she grows up... (God willing) thank you
-Muna Y., Merced

-Michelle J., Yosemite

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. We wish we had come to you first rather than the other place in town (I wont mention them by name since you asked we don't). Our visit to you was awesome. Your staff was fun, eager to help us, and very family friendly. Our pictures were so cool. My mom started crying when she saw her new grandson to be. Thank you and I'm telling everyone how much fun Peek A Baby is. Thanks again.
-Kristy M., Modesto

We came to Peek A Baby the first time and our baby just would not move. He slept through the whole session with his back to us. The sonographer tried everything but Jake was being stubborn he just wouldn't turn towards us. She brought us back for a second try (at no charge..thank you) and wow did we get some amazing pictures. Our parents were so excited. Thank you so much. We will send all our friends and we will be back for the next baby.
-Bella and Mark, Oakland

I love Peek-a-baby!! I was treated very special by both of the ladies that did my sonogram's for my (now) 1yr8mnth old son...and the prices were unbeatable! I will treasure those 3D/4D images forever..thanks so much!
-Melinda G., Las Vegas

Thank you for such an exciting day. Our little guy didn't cooperate as well as we wanted, but you guys still made it an amazing and memorable occasion. Thank you Great Service!
-Jan L., Ceres

The experience was unbelievable. Seeing our son for the first time was absolutely incredible and breath taking. Every parent to be should do this. We are in the states visiting from the UK so we had live peek added so that our parents back home could watch. Wow did they love it. Fantastic work! Keep it up.
-Robert and Jillian, London